Puzzle Brands and Companies

I thought it might be a good idea to create a list of jigsaw puzzle brands and companies, for quick reference, and also just to provide that information to anyone who might want it. Upon researching, I found that many of the lists I came across were incomplete. So, I compiled my own lists from various Internet sources and am providing them here for all who are interested.

Brand or Company:

For starters, be aware that there is a difference between a “brand” and a “company” or “business”. The way I understand it, a company/business produces or sells the product or service. Said company/business may actually produce or sell a variety of different brands. So, the brand is actually just an image of how a product or service is portrayed to the consumer.

With this in mind, it seems to me that there are some brands of jigsaw puzzles that are produced by certain companies, which means it’s harder to find any information on that particular base of operations. I wanted to list the actual companies, and also provide some information about them, but I am aware that there are many popular brands as well. So I ended up with more than just one list, as you will see below.

Please Note: I am aware that my lists are probably not complete, but they do contain all of the brands/companies that I could find with a good deal of searching. If you know of other jigsaw puzzle brands or companies that should be included here, please let me know in the comments below and I will gladly update my lists as needed.

***Please be sure to include the URL, if applicable, so I can check them out and include their information as well.

Some Are Both:

You may notice a few on my lists that are labeled as both a “brand” and a “company”. I think Disney is a perfect example of that because they ARE a company, and they ARE also a brand. I only found a few like that, so if you know of others that applies to, please just let me know in a comment below.

My List of Brands:

Bepuzzled Brand
Bits and Pieces Brand and Company
Black Temptation Brand
Blancho Bedding Brand
Cardinal Brand
Chad Valley Brand
Citadel Brand
Classic Deluxe Brand
Creative Leisure Brand
Disney Brand and Company
Dragon Sonic Brand
D-Toys Brand
East Majik Brand
Ensky Brand
Epoch Brand
Falcon Brand
FX Schmid Brand
Generic Brand
Géneric Brand
Gentle Meow Brand
Geopuzzles Brand
George & Jimmy Brand
Goki Brand
Great American Puzzle Factory Brand
Interestlee Brand
JR Puzzles Brand
KLL Brand
Kylin Express Brand
Otter House Brand
PigBangbang Brand
Puzzle Bug Brand
Schmidt Brand
Schmidt Spiele Brand
Serendipity Brand
Susan Prescot Brand
Trefl Brand and Company
Waddingtons Brand (former Company)
Wasgij Brand (by Jumbo)

My List of Companies:

Apple One Company
Asterisk Company
Beverly Company
Bits and Pieces Company and Brand
Buffalo Games Company
Castorland Company
Ceaco Company
Clementoni Company
Cobble Hill Company
Crown and Andrews Company
Disney Company and Brand
Dowdle Folk Art Company
Educa Company
EuroGraphics Company
Jumbo Company
Fun Express Company
Gibson’s Games Company
Heritage Puzzle Inc Company
Heye Company
House of Puzzles Company
InterestPrint Company
James Hamilton Company
Jumbo Company
King Company
Larsen Company
MasterPieces Company
Melissa & Doug Company
Mudpuppy Company
New York Puzzle Company Company
Piatnik Company
Pomegranate Company
Ravensburger Company
Ricordi Company
Springbok Company
SunsOut Company
Tailten Games Company
TDC Games Company
Tenyo Company
Trefl Company and Brand
Vermont Christmas Company Company
Wentworth Wooden Puzzles Company
White Mountain Puzzles Company
Wimberley Puzzle Company Company
Wrebbit Company

Questionable Brands/Companies:

I came across a few names, or maybe descriptions, during my research that I could find no conclusive information about. I’m including them here just to make sure I don’t leave out something that should be included:


AA Jigsaws
BanDai or BanDao
International Publishing
Knick Knack Gifts

I hope my lists are helpful to anyone looking for certain jigsaw brands or companies. I’ll close with my wish for you:

Happy Puzzling!

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