Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories – For Working or Storing Puzzles

Some of you may not realize it, but there are many different accessories for jigsaw puzzles today. They can make your puzzle working a more enjoyable experience, especially for someone who has limited space to work puzzles in. Here is a list of the jigsaw puzzle accessories that I have found:


Yes, there are actual tables designed for sitting comfortably and working on jigsaw puzzles. These tables are adjustable, so you can set them at the height that you need, and also, they tilt. You can set the tilt at the desired angle so that you don’t have to strain to place the pieces.


There are a few different types of mats for working jigsaw puzzles on. Some of them roll up, keeping your worked progress and loose pieces intact for transporting or storing. There are other mats that stay flat and are sturdy enough to place on a smaller table, so that there is still room to accommodate the loose pieces along with the puzzle itself.

Some of the sturdy flat mats may have a cover to protect your progress and keep loose pieces from getting lost. They also may have a raised lip around the edges to prevent loose pieces from sliding off of the mat.

Either way, a mat is a great idea for anyone who may need to move their puzzle before completion. It could also work well for anyone who may have pets that could disturb, or steal, the pieces.


There many different types of boards for working puzzles on. They come in different sizes and can be made of different materials. Some even come with trays that slide out to provide more area for the puzzle pieces. While some of them are quite simple, others are more complex, but they all add an element of ease to working puzzles. While it may seem like an added expense, a puzzle board can be a very useful item. A nice puzzle board would allow for easier movement or storage of a puzzle that is in-progress, if needed.

However, there are always ways to trim off expenses, which is what I did. Check out how I figured out how to work puzzles in a small area by purchasing just a few low-cost items.

Storage Trays

Storage trays can be great for keeping your loose pieces from getting lost. There are different types of trays that can be useful. Some have inserts that allow for sliding the pieces out easily. Others can stack and/or have lids, so that loose pieces are protected when stored.

There are some people who like to work a piece of the puzzle in these trays and then slide it into the main puzzle later. Or, if you like to sort your pieces by type, or color, these trays can be very useful for that as well.


For those who like to preserve their puzzles, once completed, there are frames to place them in so that they can be hung on the wall. Some people like to glue the puzzle pieces together once they have it finished. Please be aware that once glued, the puzzle cannot be taken apart and reworked. These types of frames are like picture frames and are easy to use once the puzzle is glued together.

There is also a type of frame that allows for a competed puzzle to be inserted and preserved without gluing it. This type of frame might be great for anyone who would want to change out their puzzle with a different one at a later time. It could also benefit anyone who might want to rework that particular puzzle in the future.


If you want to glue your puzzle once it’s completed, be aware that there are different types of glue, and also, different ways to glue puzzles together. Some might want to flip the puzzle over and put the glue on the back of it, so that there is no chance of marring the finished picture.

There are also glues specifically for jigsaw puzzles that dry clear and have either a glossy or matte finish, if that is preferred.

Accessorize or Not

It’s true that not every puzzle fan feels the need for any accessories, and puzzles are entirely enjoyable without them. But for those who do, there are a variety of jigsaw puzzle accessories to be had. I hope you now have a better idea of some of the many different accessories that are available.

As always, Happy Puzzling!


  • Dan

    Thank you for the informative post! It’s been so long that I’ve done anything with a jigsaw that this was truly enlightening LOL. We are expecting our first child soon so I am trying to familiarize myself with all the options for toys and games and this gave me a lot of great ideas. I’d much rather have them use a jig saw puzzle than some of the other options out there. Do they make ones that are suitable for young children? I appreciate your response!

    • Moon

      Congratulations! Yes, there are lots of jigsaw puzzles for young children. I’m currently working on a post of the different puzzle brands, so I’ll see if I can find one, or more, that make those… and then I can relay that info to you.
      I think it’s great that you are thinking ahead for things like that!

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