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There are many, many brands of jigsaw puzzles… over 40 at least. While that gives puzzles fans a wide variety to choose from, it’s nice to know where to get really quality puzzles. Here I have placed information on what I, myself, think the best puzzle brands are.

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Here are my personal top 5:


Ravensburger has been in business for over 130 years. Originating in Southern Germany, there is also a U.S. Division based in Seattle, Washington. It’s good to be aware that there are Ravensburger UK puzzles, and also Ravensburger US puzzles, because some Ravensburger puzzle fans like to collect an entire series of puzzles that are manufactured in the UK.

Ravensburger is known for its thick puzzle pieces and superb images. Everything I’ve come across about them speaks to the quality of their puzzles, to even include the boxes they use.

    • New puzzles every year
    • Information on different series they offer
    • The pieces are well cut, with smooth edges
    • Pieces fit together well, with a satisfying “click”
    • Good variety of shapes for puzzle pieces
    • There is little puzzle dust
    • Sturdy box
    • Box bottom holds more information:
      • artist info and series number (if applicable)
      • date of puzzle
      • puzzle clues
Ravensburger Cozy Retreat Puzzle 500-piece puzzle
Cozy Retreat 500-piece


Springbok, established in 1963, touts itself as being the oldest manufacturer of jigsaw puzzles in the United States. Their puzzles basically revolutionized jigsaws in the USA, and today they are also collector’s items.

  • At least 20 new designs each year
  • Uniquely shaped puzzle pieces
  • Thicker puzzle pieces than average
  • There is little puzzle dust
  • Pieces made from high-quality recycled material
  • Inks are 100% natural; not petroleum products
  • All puzzles are manufactured in the USA
Springbok Cabin Evening Sun 1000-piece puzzle
Cabin Evening Sun 1000-piece

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces has been in business since 1983. They offer a wide variety of puzzles, to include a nice selection of shaped puzzles. They also have a catalogue and offer discounted prices, depending on what is purchased.

  • New puzzle every few months
  • Pieces have a sturdy thickness
  • Some puzzles made from recycled material
  • Shaped puzzles
  • Quality images
  • Free catalogue
Bits and Pieces Home Grown 1000-piece puzzle
Home Grown 1000-piece

Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill, founded in 2005, offers puzzles that have a “nostalgic” and/or “whimsical” air to them. They are family-oriented, their puzzles are Earth-friendly, and they also donate a number of puzzles each year to various Senior Citizen living establishments, schools, puzzle competitions, and libraries all across N. America. I, for one, think it’s very admirable that they give back to the community like that… kudos to Cobble Hill!

  • Specialty puzzles for the whole family
  • Easy to handle pieces – great for seniors or vision-impaired
  • Multiple online retailers
  • Quality 100 % recyclable board with linen finish
  • Ink is vegetable-based
  • All puzzles made in the USA
Cobble Hill Rural Route 1000-piece puzzle
Rural Route 1000-piece

White Mountain

White Mountain started as a family-owned business in 1978. Based in New Hampshire, their original item was posters, which soon evolved into jigsaw puzzles. They have a wide variety of scenic puzzles, and they are still a family-owned business today.

  • All puzzles are made in the USA
  • Sturdy chipboard/recycled paper
  • Large variety of scenic images
  • Free catalogue
  • New puzzles every month
  • Connect with customers
  • Constantly improving their puzzles
White Mountain I Had One of Those! 1000-piece puzzle
I Had One of Those! 1000-piece

So, there you have my choices for the best puzzle brands. I hope the information here will help you find that “perfect” puzzle for you.

Please check back regularly, as I will be adding more brands, and more info, not only to help you find the puzzles you already love, but also to show other types of puzzles that you might want to try.

As always, Happy Puzzling!

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